Sharpen Your Stakes

In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone is the slayer.

And behind every slayer there is watcher. Someone with the knowledge and skill to be able to train and protect the defender of all evil.

Now flashback to 1999. Eleven year old me, probably never even heard of vampires before. Sitting on the couch with my sister and mom watching Buffy for the first time. This blonde little fluffball badass of a girl kicking some undead tush. It was so empowering. When a fellow Bookstagrammer brought this book to my attention I knew I needed this story in my life. Growing up watching Buffy I never really gave the Watchers a second thought but after finishing this book I’m excited to re-watch the series with fresh eyes.

Slayer is a magnificent depiction of what life like a Watcher would be like. With magic gone and the world overrun by demons trapped here in our realm, the Slayers have their work cut out for them. The remaining Watchers have been biding their time, hiding in the Ireland wilderness. Researching and training, waiting for the right time to emerge again. When trouble finally finds them in the form of a Hellhound all Hell breaks loose. Twin sisters Nina and Artemis must band together with their ragtag bunch of heroes to save lives (Demon lives matter too!) and stop unimaginable evil. Can the next generation of Watchers, plus a Slayer, a demon or two and a civilian (sound familiar?) step up and get it right this time instead of being an elitist bunch of snobs or will they end up making things worse?

If you love Buffy, put down your stakes and go grab a copy right now.

★★★★☆ (if she didn’t talk so much crap about Buffy – 4.5)

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