Gravity is the anchor that pulls us into our graves.

Man, oh man.. did that ever end with a bang. Now Mr.King, usually when men make me cry they batten down the hatches and prepare themselves for a storm so cold, you’re sure to lose some fingers from the sub zero temperatures of my icy wrath. But I’ll let it slide this time because you left me in tears of pure wonder and enlightenment.

We start off with a peculiar meeting between our protagonist Scott and Doctor Bob, a retired physician and I start getting a “Thinner” vibe.Mysterious weight loss but no visual change in appearance. Are his bones and organs shrinking? Are his atoms somehow changing into helium? Is it aliens again Stephen?!

A smart man once told me that we are only given a finite amount of fucks when we are put on this earth, so give them wisely. As quickly as the pounds shed from Scott’s body the less he seems to care. He was sticking up for people, waving off snide comments directed towards his appearance and even laughing it off when his face met at high speed with a bird…I would have been a sobbing mess hiding under a car screaming about the end of times. However, as our faithful King leads us down this path of elevation you can’t help but reflect upon your own journey and hope that your path for the future is fill of nothing but love and acceptance of others, despite their flaws.

Thanks for reminding us that everyone is human regardless of their race, sex, age or physical qualities. I think more people need to channel their inner Baby Yoda. Deep breaths you take. With others you smile. To all you my love.

Stay trippy little hippie.


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