Into the Woods

“Either you found them on your own and were deserving, or you didn’t and you weren’t”

I feel like Finch did the first time he tried to tell Alice about Tales from the Hinderland. It feels like someone has a hold of my tongue. I just can’t seem to bring myself to share with you, the mysteries of this strange other realm. For when you speak of these other worldly fairytales they gain more power. The more powerful the story, well… let’s not scare the children now. This isn’t Disney we’re talking about here.

Whimsical and creepy as hell, I would not have the courage to throw myself head first into danger like Alice does. Biking through terrifying woods filled with creatures so grotesque, with rabid teeth that glisten in the moonlight. Battling Twice-Killed Katherine and the Briar King, the poor girl can’t catch a break. But she keeps going into the great unknown. Down the rabbit hole like Carroll’s Alice, she descends into a darkness made just for her.

I shouldn’t say anymore.

I don’t want to give them anymore power..

I can’t be responsible for the next dead body…

They’re probably already here…


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