Killer of a Love

Tales of blood and gore await.

Hearing positive and negative reviews about Stalking Jack the Ripper, I opened these pages with a skeptical mind. The first half of the book had my mind engaged and I was really enjoying it. The delicate, macabre demeanour that Audrey Rose exudes is very magnetic. I feel myself drawn to her like a moth to a flame. “God no longer held dominion over my soul.”

There is as much drama in this book as you’d expect from someone trying to hunt down one of history’s most mystifying serial killers. My mind had a hard time accepting these half fact, half fictitious interactions though. The victims and locations all seemingly truth, yet the character relationships are all rewritten history.

It was the start of the chapter before the big reveal that I got a feeling about who the killer may be. I was terribly disappointed when my prediction turned out to be true. Basically the entire end was a wash for me, but the set up for Hunting Prince Dracula in the final chapter makes me curious enough to trudge forth.


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