Life is Killing Me

“I Define Me. No event or person does this. I define me. I decide who I am and how I’m going to behave, and I choose to be better”

I set out to read a comedy written by the hysterically witty Chelsea Handler, and ended up learning way more about myself than I could have imagined. 

Chelsea has always had me in tears with her sarcastic, dark humor but now im crying for another reason. She poured her soul into this book and when I read about others battling their Demons and trying to better themselves, it just makes my heart burst with love and admiration. I know how hard it is to face the darkness inside yourself and come out the other side. If you are struggling with this yourself, please believe it does get better. 

Her journey of self discovery started with Dan, her psychiatrist. Dan is a strong believer in the Enneagram theory which is based on the 3 emotions we feel the moment we are expelled from the womb. Fear (your brain), sadness(your heart) and anger (your gut). These emotions get broken down into 9 personality types. Obviously I had to take the test and wow… were the results ever eerily accurate. Has anyone else taken this test? 

Besides the self revelation and internal struggles, this book also offers hilarious commentary on her travels to Peru to indulge in Ayahuasca. A psychedelic drug that forcibly expels the contents of your stomach and leaves you tripping balls the rest of the night. Her nightmarish plane experience with her regal Chow mix Chunk, some sleeping pills and the fear of mile high, dog dookie resulting in a federal prison sentence. Many more side- splitting anecdotes are waiting between these covers. I can’t express the respect and affection I feel for Chelsea. With a wild reckless love for others, a burning rage for (the “anus mouth”) Trump and her vast knowledge of drugs (legal and illegal), who wouldn’t want her in their lives?


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