Murder in Cold Blood

Maybe it is just that the Clutters were the ones who had to pay for it…

On the night of November 14th, 1959 in the sleepy little town of Holcomb Kansas, unimaginable horrors were taking place in the Clutter home. There was not a single whispered breath left by the time the sun rose the next morning.

From prize winning cherry pies to the trapdoor at the gallows, this True Crime story will leave you looking over your shoulder and locking your doors every night.

Capote’s writing is magnificent. How seamlessly he switches between the multitude of characters with an adjustment in tone makes it easy to follow along without confusion. The way he brings to light the sickening cycle of violence children suffer at the hand of their guardians for the time is outstanding. With physical and mental abuse playing huge roles in the development of violent criminals. These poor kids grow up harbouring all this rage and worthlessness they end up expelling onto others. Then there is the age old debate, can we really blame them then for their actions if their brains have been so damaged?

Eventually when the perpetrators are apprehended, they turn out to be no different. Childhood full of neglect, substance abuse and even violence towards animals. There is nothing soft and cuddly about this story and yes, the dog does die in this one.

On a weird side note *my sisters birthday, and my birthday are both mentioned in this book.. coincidences freak me out*

Have you ever experienced something you still can’t explain to this day?

When I was around 25-26 I started dating this really shy man. Turns out he was such a good boy. A virigin! Just my luck! Anyway, we were dating for about 4 months by the time he asked me if I wanted to go with him and his family to visit his Grandmothers grave. Sure, why not?! His family and I got along really well and I wanted to be there to share in their memories of their lost loved one. We all pile into our cars and drive across town to the biggest cemetery I’ve ever seen in person! As we are driving past row after row of gravestones I’m thinking to myself, wow she is really deep in here… so finally after a minute or two of winding cemetery road we come to a stop behind his parents car and everyone is already out and making their way over to the headstone. As soon as I step out of the car, shut the door and step out onto the grass it felt as if time slowed. My body was frozen and all I could feel was a wash of icy terror pour over my head and slither down the length of my body. It felt as if I was trapped there for eternity.. Tears were streaming uncontrollably down my face in a river and my boyfriend at the time was terrified. He promptly hustled me back into the car and as soon as he shut the door all the feelings of some spirt siphoning off my spirit just disappeared. After we got back to his house we hung out like normal until the rest of his family returned and they brought whatever it was from the cemetery back with them.. I went back to that house twice more before I made up some excuse and dipped the fuck out of there, never to be seen again. Ghost Grandma made her point and I was not sticking around for anymore soul sucking sessions.


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