Mysterious Strangers..

Good or bad, a stranger makes for the perfect mystery. 

Nestled high up in the Canadian wilderness is a tiny town not on any map. A secret place where for the right price, you can disappear and leave all your worries behind. But for the right price, even your troubles can find you. Rockton, originally created as a haven for those fleeing injustice or in need of protection. But as the years go by and the town grows, so too does the greed in the bellies of the council like a sickness. A stranger in town turns to into, strangers invade the woods and cause a bloody ruckus. By the time our newest mystery guest rolls into town we should know what to expect, right? Say it with me now, trust no one. Did everyone hear that? A little bit louder for the people in the back, TRUST NOTHING IN THESE DAMN WOODS. We’ve got bodies piling up, a standoff with a sleuth of Grizzlies and rumours I can’t even bring myself to share with you..

Man,oh man, can Kelley Armstrong ever write a remarkable mystery. By sharing her Enchanted woods with us, not only does she open our eyes to the allure of the wilderness, she dives deep into the deadly nature of the beast, furry and pharmacy. Yet, I find that I am left with a sense of dreadful resolution. The biggest question has finally been answered and the cliffhanger ending leaves me feeling a bit sad. Will Rockton #7 be our final chapter? I really hope not. I feel as though we’ve all become one big, dysfunctional family. I guess in the end we are but strangers.

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