The first rule about Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.

The second rule about Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.

Until all the troglodyte prepubescent DickHeads at school start beating the shit out of each other during lunch and all hell breaks loose. It all started off very quiet. A couple black eyes, busted lips and soon enough a video started making it’s way around school. It went on for a few weeks until these idiots started getting out of hand. 2 on 1 fights, kids getting jumped who weren’t even part of it. Numerous girls getting harassed. These FuckSticks were letting their rage control them instead of using it as a release.

Now I was a weird kid back then. Hell, I’m still weird. I was that kid who liked fire a bit too much and had a railroad of fresh scabs running up my arms but I always tried to be respectful to teachers and I always tried to help the kid in need. So when my favourite teacher in the entire world came to me with a problem that needed to be solved, I damn well had some answers for him. When you fuck with me and mine, all the rules fly out the window. I am the captain now.

The ending of Fight Club ’06 was as eventful as a car crash. Literally, there was an actual car crash. Kids from a rival school with baseball bats and everything.. wow was HS ever insane. Just like the character in this book, just like we all are a little bit.

The plus side to having seen this movie before reading the book is that I can appreciate the subtle comparisons and his writing style especially when Palahniuk describes the changing of film reels to the seamless change of personalities Tyler can achieve. To Joe, Tyler is his best friend. Encouraging, always has his back and teaches him how to fight. To Tyler, Joe is just a host. One to protect at all costs. The rules of FC and PM specifically designed to keep Joe safe and in the dark.

The slow decline in his mental state wouldn’t have been so heartbreaking if I hadn’t known what was going on. When after all he went through, with where he ended up, he will never be at peace. Fight Club forever. True enlightenment through pain.


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