The House of Salty Tears (I cried like a baby)

They used to be the Thaumas Dozen, but now they are the Ill-fated Eight.

One by one the Sisters of Salt meet their untimely demise. An illness, a terrifying fall, just one tragedy after another. Is it merely a coincidence or is there something darker at play here?

Whispers of a curse brought down by the gods runs rampant through the tiny island town. It is as though the girls have been touched by plague. Cursed to never feel a soft embrace, love or affection from any gentleman suitor. Then the girls make a marvellous discovery that changes their lives forever. Can the Thaumas Eight all make it out alive?

Swept up in an exciting world of balls, boys and waltzes the girls venture out night after night, dressed to impress to explore these foreign lands. They are swept away by all of the attention, trying to land a Prince Charming of their own. All the while there is something amiss back home at Highmoor. Already plagued by nightmares, Annaleigh starts experiencing horrifying hallucinations during her waking hours as well. Giant moths, blood fountains and ghastly visions of her dead sisters haunt her. At this point my brain is going in a thousand different directions. Is it
drugs? Ghosts? Or something more sinister?

A mysterious stranger seems to be the culprit, but as our Protagonist unravels Cassius’ secret things start getting even more complicated. If it isn’t him then who in nine circles of the hell is it?! People are dropping like flies but Annaleigh is powerless to stop it. How do you fight something like this?!

I won’t say anymore in fear of giving away one of the most surprise endings I’ve read I’m a while. I will say though that the relationship between Cassius and Annaleigh is definitely my favourite. The part where he explains the lantern tradition and the wishes… I may have swooned a bit. This book was like stepping into a fairytale and there wasn’t a single thing I didnt enjoy about it.

Simply marvellous.


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