The Woods are Watching

Family drama, subterfuge, hostiles in the woods… Are you ever in for a crazy ride! We start off by meeting Casey’s sister. Throughout the book, as their relationship grows, we come to learn some very interesting things her parents tried to sweep under the rug when they were growing up.

While family reconnects, the town is ambushed by an outsider who threatens the privacy and safety of the residence of Rockton. US Marshall Garcia is hunting one of them and nobody is safe. Murder, mayhem and spine tingling confessions ensue.

Again we are left thinking, everybody is a suspect! I for one kept jumping on the finger-pointing bandwagon when the clues kept nudging us in different directions. How do you know which murderer you’re looking for in a town full of monsters? Once the suspects start confessing to their crimes and you learn about what sent them fleeing into the wild Canadian woods, you start to see them as human again.

People are an enigma. Kelley Armstrong is great at creating a world where the weirdest thing you could possibly imagine, ends up making perfect sense. At the end of the novel, we are left juggling a few time bombs waiting to explode. I feel like we are going to be thrown into a major conflict with the hostiles and hopefully learn more about their origin. Alone in the Wild comes out February 2020 and there are still so many secrets left to uncover…


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