Vagina Gone Astray

Jenny Lawson is my Spirit Animal.

I came across a book by chance many years ago now. It was a bright red hardcover with the silhouette of a mouse on the front. But twas was no ordinary mouse you see, this mouse was a gateway to something I didn’t know I was missing. Camaraderie.

One of the worst parts of Depression is the bitter cold. So empty and alone. Your soul shivering in between your bones. This all consuming chill creeps around, leaving a subzero wasteland in its wake. I was in a bad place when that book found it’s way into my life and things started getting better, than worse and worse still. The only difference is now I had this voice inside my head telling me that there are good days ahead and one day there will be more good days than bad and I can wake up with a smile again.

Now that Furiously Happy has come into my life I still cry at Jenny’s words. Not out of sadness, but because I am so happy with how much progress she is making in her journey of mental wellness. Also because it is so hilarious I’ve hyperventilated a few times. I can’t help but flashback to my past as I flip through these pages. How close I came to entering the Swiss Army Dildo in a sex toy contest a few years ago. The random memory lapses due to errant thoughts and especially the Demon who lives in my skin. She laughs and cries just like I do, wearing the masks of my loved ones and past regrets.

I wish I could tell you all about the missing vagina or the wishing toilet but you really need to experience them for yourself. Whether I’m riding high in the sunlight on my majestic unicorn or oozing despair and fused to the couch, I will always cherish these stories. 

*I really just bought this book to learn how to defend myself from Republician Swans*


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