Witches of the Winter Wood

Because I am more darkness than girl.

It starts with a snowstorm. Communication with the outside world is wiped out by the heavy snowfall high up in the mountains. Now that doesn’t scare our locals. Nora Walker’s family and the forest have a history as old as time, intertwined since the very beginning. The Walker women are these woods.

Blessed with the power to traverse the malicious Wicker Woods during the full moon. Nora searches the slumbering thicket for trinkets lost to time. What she didn’t foresee after that terrible storm was stumbling upon a boy, in the woods so wicked there is no way he could have survived.

While trying to uncover his lost memories they uncover a dreadful secret. One boy dead. One boy missing. With the lost seemingly found, the Walker girl rattles some egocentric male cages and asks all the wrong questions. Questions that lead to kidnapping, imprisonment and fiery death.

Nora races for her life as destruction chases her from her home and every comfort she has ever known in these woods. As her world burns around her, she finally gives in and is reborn. A Walker Witch of the Wicked Winter Wood. Will it be enough to save her future?


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